RLS Press Fittings Help HVAC/R Contractors Catch Up on Delayed Work – and Deal with New COVID-19 Job Site Restrictions

As more and more states and cities across the US are reopening, many HVAC/R installers are facing backlogs created by project delays. And to make matters worse, many areas are adopting new job site rules and regulations that are making it even harder to catch up, effecting both new construction and retrofit/replacement work.

While new COVID-19 workplace guidelines vary by state, municipality and project, most will share an emphasis on…

• Staggering work by trades to reduce the number of people on site at the same time
• Practicing established social distancing guidelines
• Wearing personal protective equipment like masks and gloves
• Following required personal hygiene practices

The specifics of the new rules are still being determined and will most likely change, but the one thing they will all have in common is that they will result in projects taking longer. Fortunately, there’s one sure way to overcome some of these new challenges, and to make up for lost time and revenue: using RLS flame-free press fittings rather than brazing. Here are a few simple reasons why:

• RLS fittings connect in just 10 seconds, so you can get the job done faster.
• You’ll get in and out of jobs faster without having to haul brazing equipment and materials.
• No flames mean no fire spotters, so less people are on the job at one time.
• Brazing in a medical-grade mask – especially in summer heat – will be very uncomfortable to say the least!

In addition to the speed and ease of RLS press fittings, they also make the job site safer by removing the fire hazards of flammable gas – which also eliminates the time, trouble and cost of burn permits.

The key advantages of RLS press fittings haven’t changed since 2015. But this proven alternative now provides new ways to help HVAC/R contractors succeed in an environment no one could have anticipated just a few months ago.